Paraskevidekatriaphobia Story Art

A black cat dashes across the busy highway. I slam on the brakes.

A siren chirps.

In my broken rear-view mirror, I see the fractured image of a police car. I pull over and the officer approaches my window.

I’m let off with a warning. Must be my lucky day.

The End

Originally published by:
Oct. 13, 2017

Author's Note:

I'm on the fence when it comes to believing in luck and superstitions. Regardless, I firmly believe perspective and attitude have just as much, if not more, influence over how favorable (or unfavorable) we deem any given outcome.

Interesting Facts:

Paraskevidekatriaphobia (a fear of Friday the Thirteenth) was published on a Friday the 13th.

This is the second of Pontius Paiva's stories to be published on a 13th, the first being Oneiric (published Feb 13th) which happens to be the birthday of Pontius' mother, who was in fact born on a Friday.

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