Inspired by Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone, Pontius Paiva is a writer of fictional short stories designed around thought provoking concepts that touch on the bizarre and the fantastic in hopes of inspiring wonder and stimulating the imagination.

Pontius was born, raised, and currently resides on the Hamakua coast of Big Island, Hawaii. He graduated from Honoka’a High School, marking the end of his formal education as he dislikes the restrictiveness of traditional classroom curricula.

After graduation he pursued projects where he was allowed to express his creativity freely. Over the years he has supported himself as a guitarist and lead vocalist for several rock, punk and metal bands, as well as a tattoo artist, an artisan woodworker, and as of recently, a published short fiction writer.

For a long time the writing was nothing more than a personal hobby. Then, on a whim, he decided to write a short story with the intention of submitting it to one of his favorite online anthology magazines.

Shortly after his first submission, he was notified that his work was accepted for publication. He was delighted to see his work alongside the same wonderful science fiction tales he enjoyed reading on a regular basis.​ It was an experience which reignited his love of storytelling and artistic expression.

Bitten by the writing bug, he continues to write and is currently working on his first novel as well as a selection of short stories which he will be submitting to publishers over the next year.

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